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We want to help you to break into print.

Long Ridge Writers Group offers a program that has, for 20 years, taught thousands of aspiring writers how to find their own writing niche – and how to break into print.

We welcome you! 

The hallmark of our writing program is one-on-one personalized instruction from an impressive faculty of professional writers and experienced editors.  College Credits are available for our program. 

Instruction is available everywhere via the traditional home study method – with lessons exchanged through the mail or via the Internet.

The objective of our program is to train you to create manuscripts for today’s publishing market.  This site offers information on our writing program, Breaking Into Print, on our teaching methods, and on our faculty of professional writers and editors.

Please go to the Short Story or to the Brochure for details on our writing course and how you can benefit from it.   

For fun, you may want to go immediately to Our Instructors.  We’re very proud of our instructors because they are all established writers or editors.  They’ve “been there”; they know how it’s done; and one of them would be your teacher and mentor all the way through the course.  Check them out.

If you decide to take our Writing Test, you may fill it out on the screen and submit it online.  Or you may download it and complete it at a later date.  It’s your choice.

We’re here to serve you and we welcome your questions and suggestions.  Please leave us your comments.

Thank you!


Writing: writers course & school to learn to write. Writing correspondence course & writers chat room with instruction, stories & articles. This program has taught thousands of aspiring authors.

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